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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Crimes are heading ahead - Bangalore Incident

Crimes are heading ahead in India. Not only women, even Men are not safe in India. Recent incident happened to a guy in Bangalore has not been exposed as big news but, it proves that crimes are heading ahead.

Bangalore is considered to be the biggest IT Hub in India. People of various Culture stay here alone away from their home. In Bangalore, more than buses, it’s easy to find private cabs. Many crimes are happening because of these private cabs. Private cabs used to charge the same bus fare. So people mostly like to board a private cab.

Mostly, Women will not board private cabs thinking of their safety. Women are playing safer role just because of crimes happening every day in India. But, Men used to board private cabs to reach office early and for comfort. Recent incident happened to a guy will make us to think twice before boarding a private cab. 

On March 11th 2015 around 9pm, Dileep was waiting in JP Morgan bus stop near Prestige tech park, to board a bus to reach Kundanhalli Gate. Waiting for some duration, he found a private cab (Renault Pulse- Yellow board cab). There were already 4 members inside the cab. Guy near the window seat said that, he is about to get dropped in Innovate Multiplex(nearby) and he requested Dileep to have seat in the middle of two members. After reaching Innovative Multiplex, they took “U” turn and went in different direction. Dileep enquired about the wrong way but they responded that, it’s a easy way to reach Kundanhalli Gate. Dileep forced the driver to stop the vehicle but he didn’t. 

The 4 members and the driver are together a gang. When Dileep tried to pull driver shoulder, driver asked the other guys to close the window. Those 4 guys, closed his  mouth and holded Dileep’s neck tightly which can prevent Dileep from shouting. He tried to get help from other cars or public. They broked his left leg and starting hitting on his face. Then he lost his hope and begged them not to kill him. They took his wallet, asked his Debit/Credit cards PIN number and withdrawn everything and finally thrown him at the outskirts of Sarjapur Road near Hallanahalli Lake.

From there, Dileep struggled to walk a half km to get help from public. Many such incidents are happening in Bangalore and its not getting noticed by public. So never try to board a private cab, and if you are in situation to board a private cab, then think twice.

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