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Thursday, 3 October 2013

World new island-Zalzala Koh

New island, Zalzala Koh is formed in Pakistan now. It’s just a mud volcano found after the earthquake that cost the value of more than 500 lives of Pakistani’s. September 24 is the black day that stuck Pakistan with an earthquake. The new island is found from the depth of the sea after such earthquake.
Zalzala Koh

Zalzala Koh dimensions:

The new island found, just contain a mass pile of mud, sand and solid rocks. It’s found at a distance of approximately one mile from the shore. The new island measures above the sea level of about 60 to 70 feet(15-20m). The dimensions of the island measured by the French Pleiades satellite measures about 576.4 feet (175.7 m) long and 524.9 feet (160 m) wide. Scientist predict that the new island will stand up above the sea level for about an year before sinking back into the Arabian sea. This is based on the prediction and the last two islands formed and collapsed back in similar incident.
Zalzala Koh-new island
The worst earthquake happened in Balochistan, the nearest city of Pakistan on September 24 affected a large amount of 300,000 people and caused death of 500 people. Around 21,000 houses were destroyed in this 7.7 magnitude earthquake. Two similar islands were formed in Pakistan at 1945 and 2001 after two strong earthquakes. They both have not lasted for a year above the sea level. This new island is found in the offshore near the town Gwadar and expected gto stand for about an year only.

Zalzala Koh-new island
The photos were taken by the satellite few days after the earthquake. You can see the photos of boats reaching near the new island came up and also the people stepped upon the new island. The people began to visit the new island and discover it, which holds the death fishes, rocks and mud. Pakistan Navy says that Zalzal Koh is releasing flammable gases. After a bad incident, this new island had turned the attention of the people towards Pakistan.

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