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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Tom Cruise new girl friend - Shocking

Tom Cruise is looking for a new girl friend.  He is trying  to find a new girl friend to be part of his life. Tom Cruise Mapother IV is a famous Hollywood star and a producer. He is well known for his personality and inspired everyone with his charming personality and acting. He has been honored by the ‘People’ magazine three times, to be the part of most 50 beautiful persons in the world. An another magazine ‘Empire’ in 1995 listed his name in 100 sexiest stars in film industry. He won the Golden Globe awards all the three times he has been nominated in Academy awards.
Personal Life: 

Considering his personal life, he has been married three times and finally got divorced from her ex-wife last year. He was separated and was alone for an year after departing from his ex-wife Mimi Rogers. Now it’s a great talk that, Tom Cruise is expecting an girl friend and a partner to make his life move forward. At his current age of 51, he is looking for a new relationship. He is expecting a good partner aged from mid to late 30’s. His last wife made her life with Tom Cruise for about five and a half year and departed form him last July. Tom cruise had three children. Tom Cruise was married second time to an actress Nicole Kidman and led life together for 10 years. Then after getting divorce, Tom Cruise made his life with an another actress Kate Holmes..

Dating with Jessica White:
He is expecting a new relationship who can understand his hectic life and make their life with him without any distraction. He is making his way in a dating service to find his new relation and sources says one match has been found for his life. It seems that, the new found is an actress who is friend of Laura Prepon, star of “Orange is the New Black”. Reports say that he is dating with the actress and model Jessica White who is 29 years old. It seems her age is not suited for pairing with Tom Cruise but Tom Cruise is very strict with his consideration to find a perfect match to pair him accepting his hectic situation. Tom Cruise said that, he have found his next relation.


He started his career with a small role in a film ‘Endless love’ in 1981. He then carried his acting with many blockbuster movies and entered into the production team with his talented friend Paula Wagner. Tom cruise and Paula Wagner formed a production group Cruise/Wagner productions during 1993. He starred in Top Gun in 1986 as the movie star. He have made many blockbuster movies like Oblivion, Rain Man, Good Men and many more. He made a great mark as a star in Mission Impossible in which he played a role of secret agent.

Such an famous Hollywood star is expecting his new relationship and reports say he had found one. It seems she is an 'unidentified actress' and clear news of the person is not yet known. Hope that the new found who is going to pair with Tom Cruise will be known very shortly.

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