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Friday, 13 September 2013

Delhi Gang-rape Final Verdict

The most awaited verdict of Delhi gang rape has been sentenced today. After 9 months long time, four convicts of Nirbhaya gang rape in Delhi on December 16 has been sentenced to death. All the four has been awarded death penalty. This cruel Gang-rape really marked a Black day in Indian history. The protests held after the incident turned Nation capital fortress.

delhi gang rape
Totally six convicts were involved in this crime. Now four has been awarded death penality and one among the six, who was 17 at the time of crime had been earlier sent to reform home for three years. Another person Ram singh has committed suicide in Tihar jail earlier and left these four convicts to get the penalty.
 delhi gang rape
In today’s verdict, judge Yogesh Khanna has sentenced death to all the remaining four convicts of this case. The four members were Pawan Gupta(19), Vinay Sharma(20), Mukhesh(26), and Akshay Thakur(28). It was considered to be the rarest of rare crime because the victim had been gangraped in cruel manner and victim died.

Today after the death sentence, four convicts felt bad and shouted for change in judgment and requested for mercy. Vinay sharma began to cry. The father and two brothers of the victim Nirbhaya were present at the court during verdict. Victim’s mother said that, no other victim should stay silent in these cases. She requested every victim should come forward to get justice. After the judgment, the people who were waiting outside eagerly for the sentence began to clap and made their sound reach Nirbhaya for the sign of getting justice.

Advocate to move to High court :

Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said judiciary conveyed a tough message to the public by taking this case as an example. Dayan Krishna is the special public prosecutor on the side of the victim. He welcomed the verdict and felt happy. But the defense lawyer Advocate V K Anand who made his views in favor of convicts shouted against the verdict and request for mercy along with the four. He said that he will move to Delhi High court to make an appeal. He also added that, if no more rape case happens for next two months, then he can allow his convicts to be hanged and will not move this case further. He questions that whether this verdict is deterrent? And hence he wants to look for two months.

Following this verdict there were many  actions and rules imposed for the protection women in India. Considering today, there are many crime happening against women. Recent news that, for the first time in 13 years, 1,121rape cases were filed in Delhi city. Judge Yogesh Kumar also added that, if any rape or rape cum murder happens again, death is the sentence for the convicts involved in it. Any crime against women will be considered as the rare case and punishments will look to be severe. Readers share your views on this verdict. Will this verdict be deterrent? Will this make women to feel safe in India?

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