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Monday, 30 September 2013

5 simple ways for Healthy life

In our routine life, we are busy with our duties and lack the importance towards our Health.  Though we are busy, we can change some simple habits for our health. If we don’t have time to do physical exercises, we can avoid some habits to stay healthy. These are few simple things that can be followed regularly and can be made a habit in our routine life. Lets start our way to stay healthy.

“Health is Wealth” right? We accept it but we fail to follow it.

1. Clean your tongue and teeth
Use tongue cleaner or brush your tongue and clean it everyday morning and night. It’s good to avoid germs and also it’s good for teeth and gums. Clean mouth keeps us away from germs. Use it regularly at the time you brush your teeth. Oral hygienic makes your voice more audible with freshness and a hygienic smile makes your work half done.

2. Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water keeps us healthy. Minimum 10-12 glasses of water is must in our daily life. It keeps us healthy and younger. The skin won’t shrink at earlier age if you drink plenty of water daily. It helps to built new cells everyday and repair the damaged cells which keeps us stay healthy.

3. Regular timing food

We should take a healthy breakfast without fail and food habit should be in regular time. Taking food at regular time maintains your physic. Our food should be taken at the same time daily which is hygienic. At dinner time, don’t take junk foods and consume a less amount of food at night time.

4. Good sleep

We should have a minimum of 6 hours sleep everyday. Lack of sleep create dull eyes and dull skin. It makes us to feel tired. Around 8 hours of sleep is good for the healthy life. Our mind and body get relaxed with the good sleep and also it creates energy for doing the next day work with more freshness.

5. Clean clothes

Wear clean clothes which gives us confidence around the crowd and makes us to maintain a hygienic life. It’s healthy and it helps us to avoid skin problems. Most of the skin problems cause due to dirty things and clothes used.

These are very simple things in our day-to-day life but we fail to do it. We are not finding timing food or regular sleep. But we have to maintain these as a  regular habit and make it a part of our routine life. It helps us to avoid some problems and keeps us stay healthy. Readers just think of these simple regular schedules of our life to stay healthy.

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