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Thursday, 12 September 2013

1,121 Rape cases in Delhi

Does a women find herself safe in India? It can’t be answered because of the crimes happening against women in India. Delhi Gang rape on last year December 16 had gained the attention of the whole world towards India. It shows the sign of women being unsafe in India. Followed by that many crime over women takes place everyday. Look at the picture below. It means a lot in sense of women safety.

In Delhi highest number of rape cases have been registered for the first eight months of this year. The number of cases is 1,121 . In the Delhi city, it’s the highest number of rape cases in the last 13 years. The rape cases in Delhi records an average of around 550 cases every year as per National Crime Record Bureau(NCRB). But this year the number of cases turned double. It can be taken in two ways because women are now coming forward to file case against the culprits who have committed crime against her. But, look at the number, its hardly a great thing to be noticed in India. Only the capital punishment for these kind of activity can make culprits to feel afraid to encounter these type of crimes. After the Delhi gang rape, the women's are not welcoming the new year with celebrations but hoping for girls safety in India in 2013.

Delhi gang rape case is going to be sentenced coming Friday. Everyone expecting death for the four culprits involved in that crime. In Delhi, a special women’s cell had been set up and these kind of activities can be reported. Delhi officials said that, earlier many cases went unreported but now women are coming forward. They also added that in 80% of the cases, the culprits were arrested in the first week after filing complaint.

Not only in Delhi, crime against women takes place everywhere in India. In Mumbai too, many rape cases happens everyday. Readers raise your voice against these kind of activities. Capital punishment is expected by everyone for these kind of activities. In India, women safety is a great issue and steps were taken to ensure but still the crime counts…

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