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Friday, 23 August 2013

Next Gang Rape follows in Mumbai

Another black evening has been recorded in India yesterday(Aug 22,2013). A 23 years old woman photographer was gang-raped in Mumbai Mahalaxmi area by few men. Its not going to be a shocking news because these happenings are occurring regularly in India, mostly in North India. Here another day turns to have this kind of happening.

Actually where our India is going?

Mostly in Mumbai, many kind of these activities are occurring in regular basis. According to the news, the woman photographer works for a Lifestyle magazine. For her assignment of  her city magazine she have went near Shakthi Mills compound located near Famous studio around 6pm. According to the reports, another woman colleague also with the victim. The another colleague was tied up when the victim was raped.

In Mumbai, Shakti Mills compound consists of drug addicts. Five persons were involved in this case. The reports say, the two women trespassed railway property where five members locked blocked them and said they should accompany their senior officers. Home Minister of Maharashtra Raosaheb Ramrao Patil, also better known as RR Patil told that the government have taken severe actions to find those culprits invloved in the gang-rape.

Place where the crime took place
After the incident, the two women waited for some time to get out of the mill. They called their friends and family.They next went to file a complaint at the police station. Around 10pm, the girl was taken to Jaslok Hospital located at Peddar Road. Today, two of the persons name in the gang was said by the colleague with the victim. The name has been said by the persons when calling each other at the time of incident. The names were Rupesh and Sajid. Around 20 persons have been taken for investigation, said the police. Two persons sketches has been prepared and will been released soon it seems. In Mumbai, number of rape case are increasing.

When we look over the past month, there are several related cases in Mumbai. Even earlier this week, an US woman have been attacked in local train. Local train incidents are more in Mumbai which shows there is no Security for woman. In local train, many rape attempts are taking place recently. Even many children around 7-10years old are being attacked in these kind of cases in Mumbai. These black event had even took place in Mumbai hospital.

Such an incident occurred earlier, Delhi gang-rape had shocked the whole India and many protests have been made. But, the Delhi protest couldn't make any capital punishment for the rapists. Women feel there is no security for them. Readers share your comments about these kinds of activities.

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