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Monday, 26 August 2013

England, a step ahead of India in ICC

England lifted the Ashes cup and made a step forward

England was at the 3rd place in ICC Test team rankings before the final match of the Ashes series. After the fifth and final match of Ashes series, England moved a step ahead and captured the 2nd place in ICC Test team rankings. The 2nd place was captured by pushing down India to the 3rd place. England won the Ashes series by 3-0 and lifted the Ashes cup. By winning the series, England gained 4 points and its rating reached 116 to obtain the 2nd place. Here, India also has the rating with 116 but according to decimal points, England holds the 2nd place.


If Australia have won the final match instead of ending the match in a draw, England would be in the same place holding the position no.3. By losing the Ashes series, Australia dropped its rating by 4 points and now has the rating of 101. Now, Australia is holding the fifth place, next to Pakistan. Since August 2011, the current ratings is marked to the lowest rating of Australia. Find the previous ratings here. South Africa stays at the first place with no change holding the ratings of 135.

The current rankings of Reliance ICC test teams are given below with their ratings. The current ranking was updated at 25th August 2013. The top 5 teams are listed below
RankTeam  Matches
1 South Africa    24
2 England    38
3 India    30
4 Pakistan    19
5 Australia    33


Though losing the Ashes series, few Australian players proved to be best at their individuals. To be noticed, Australian bowler Ryan Harris has moved two places forward and holds the 5th place in ICC Test Bowlers ranking. He is the highest ranking Australian bowler. Two players of Australia stays at the top 10 position of ICC Test Bowlers in the table. Another is Siddle at 6th position.

In England, 3 players stays at the the top 10 bowlers table. Swann at 6th place, Anderson at 9th and Broad at 10th place in the bowlers table of ICC Test bowlers. The first position of the bowlers table is taken by Dale Steyn. In the batsman table Australian Clarke stays at 5th position and  being the highest ranking Australian batsman in ICC Test Batsman. He is the only Australian in ICC top10 batsman table. Whereas England players holds the 8th and 10th place by Bell and Cook. The first place is taken by Amla of South Africa in the ICC Test batsman table.

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