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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Roaming free across India

One Nation One Rate - Aircel


On 28 January 2013,  Aircel introduces roaming free across the nation for the first time.

Aircel launched a product named 'One Nation, One Rate'. This product offers users with one rate for voice, SMS and data in home circles and also on roaming.

Hereafter we no need to worry about the roaming charges for attending the incoming calls when we are outside the circle. Incoming calls are also free when we are on roaming.

Aircel users can use this service for Rs.21 to Rs.59. The rate changes based on the home circle. According to the statement, in Delhi the service can be subscribed is for Rs. 39, while Mumbai subscribers have to pay Rs. 32.

Aircel Chief Marketing Officer Anupam Vasudev said. "This product will enable Aircel customers to enjoy one rate for voice, SMS and data services in their respective home circles and even while they are on roaming". According to him, the product will offer voice calling, local and national both at 1 paisa/second in home circle as well as on roaming on Aircel network, while incoming calls on roaming will be free. SMS will be charged at Re 1 for home circle as well as on roaming while data users will be able to carry the home circle rate on roaming,

Aircel users are going to enjoy this service. It is expected that other network providers will go beyond this roaming free plan.

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