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Monday, 24 December 2012

Raise your support to the protestors - Delhi gang rape case protestors


DELHI gang rape issue made the national capital turned into a fortress on Monday. There was a  heavy deployment of police.The roads leading to INDIA Gate and Raisina Hill were blocked to ensure that no protests take place there. Delhi Students and also Students from various schools and colleges of Jammu including Jammu University and ITI College, Polytechnic College and Jammu Institute of Ayuruvedic and Research (JIAR) Nardni, Bantalab and the two Women’s Colleges took out several rallies to show their resentment over rape in Delhi and demanded Hang till death for all the culprits. 

Nation capital was surrounded by the protestors who are fighting for the justice.

On Monday morning at India Gate, the police have cleared the media from India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhawan. All media vans have been removed from the two locations and the policemen have told the media that they could not assemble there as Section 144 was in place. A heavy police presence is being maintained on all roads leading to India Gate and other areas of central Delhi. 

Sources said Sonia Gandhi agreed with protesters that women do not feel safe in Delhi and need more security. Delhi is the capital of our Nation and if there is no Security, then where can we expect it? It should be the place where there should be more Security in our Nation. Rape happens all the time in this country, and we’re always shocked. And we’re always searching for explanations. Why there is no capital punishment or castration to make the culprits even think of it.

A famous photo circulated in Facebook, which address the punishment for the rapist in Iran.

Every time rape case covers the front pages of newspapers, becomes the prime news in the news channel but there is no capital punishment for the rapist and two or three days people gets to the day to day life till it happens for the next time. Where is our nation going? Convey your thoughts on this national issue....

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